How to Design an Office for Productivity

You’ve probably noticed that the environment you’re in can influence your mood. Bright rooms make people happy. Being surrounded by live or artificial plants can create a feeling of comfort and calmness.

The same goes for your office space. An uninviting and dark workplace, with limited access to sunlight, can have a negative impact on creativity, teamwork, and overall productivity. We often find ourselves under stress from constant deadlines and increased responsibilities and pay little attention to our actual workspace. While finding ways to reduce the pressures at work may be challenging, you can start with these basic steps to set you up for success each and every day. Continue reading “How to Design an Office for Productivity”

Benefits of a Sit-2-Stand Desk

You’re stuck sitting for eight hours a day behind a computer. Your back aches, your neck is stiff, your legs feel like they weigh a ton each. You wish you could just get up and stand for a bit. Move around a little. Sound familiar?

We all know that a sedentary lifestyle is a serious impediment to good health. The problem is that most of us spend our workday sitting at a desk. Our work and our lifestyles just don’t contribute to our physical wellbeing. What if you could change your position from sitting to standing and still get your work done?

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Coworking Bush Business Furniture Realize

Product Spotlight: Contemporary Office Furniture for the Modern Professional

The modern office deserves a modern look. Bush Business Furniture’s new Studio C collection and Realize open leg products deliver commercial-grade quality with a high-end contemporary feel, all at an affordable price.

For these introductions, Bush Business Furniture (BBF) designers have incorporated their knowledge on the style and flexibility needs of the constantly evolving professional workspace. Modern buyers of commercial office furniture expect finish and design options to match their unique environments and express their personal tastes.

Realize open leg and Studio C products meet those requirements and more.

While providing quality, lasting warranties and a variety of convenient bundles for virtually any application, BBF’s new lines even include coordinating Height Adjustable Standing Desks for the health-conscious worker. From the compact home office to a Fortune 500 company headquarters, Realize and Studio C endure years of 40-hour work weeks without sacrificing style. Continue reading “Product Spotlight: Contemporary Office Furniture for the Modern Professional”

Case Study: ‘The Best Money I Could’ve Spent’

Building 3Company: Orsinger Investment Group, Inc.

Location: Greenville, Pennsylvania

Furniture Collections: Series C Elite, BBF Conference Tables, 300 Series, BBF Bookcases

Products Ordered: 4 U Shaped Desks, 4 Mobile Pedestals, Lateral File Cabinet, 72 Inch Conference Table, 30 Inch Bookcase, 72 Inch Storage Credenza (20 Pieces Total)

Application: Private Offices and a Common Area

Seller: Staples

Orsinger Investment Group, Inc. needed quality, affordable office furniture in a hurry.

After 6 ½ years of renting space across town, the Greenville, Pennsylvania financial services firm required a new home to better serve a growing customer base. The business purchased and renovated a former passenger train station, but needed spacious desks with storage prior to opening the new location.

“I wanted furniture that looked nice, that looked professional and wouldn’t cost me more than a car, quite frankly,” said Kevin Orsinger, president of Orsinger Investment Group, Inc.

At first, he struggled to find an affordable solution. He contacted an Ohio-based furniture company but couldn’t find common ground.

“They were pushing me toward way more expensive furniture than I wanted even though I told them what my budget was,” Orsinger said. “They came in like $8,000 or $9,000 over budget with the first quote and seemed almost bothered when I said that’s way more than I plan on spending.”

Deciding he needed to take a different path, Orsinger reached out to his contact at Staples, who referred him to a Staples furniture specialist.

“I told her I wanted nicer-looking furniture that wasn’t overly expensive. She immediately said Bush Business Furniture is exactly what you need,” Orsinger recalled. “It couldn’t have been any smoother.”

Finished Desk 3

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Remote Work is on the Rise (But is it Right for Me?)

Five Possible Benefits for Employers, Employees Considering Telecommuting

The number of remote job postings continues to climb each year, and respected companies across the nation have embraced telecommuting. FlexJobs compiled the top 100 companies for remote work, and you’ll find openings for writers, engineers and everyone in between on the site.

If you think telecommuting could make sense for your business or you simply want to expand your job search, check out our lists below of potential benefits of working at home.

Before we dive in, here’s a bit of background on our telework expertise. Bush Business Furniture has installed over 12,000 home offices and provides a cost-effective, comprehensive product and service package for work-at-home programs. Take our successful installation of 800 home offices for American Express Co. in 26 states for example.

Would a work-at-home program make sense for you or your business? Consider the possibilities.

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