Remote Work is on the Rise (But is it Right for Me?)

Five Possible Benefits for Employers, Employees Considering Telecommuting

The number of remote job postings continues to climb each year, and respected companies across the nation have embraced telecommuting. FlexJobs compiled the top 100 companies for remote work, and you’ll find openings for writers, engineers and everyone in between on the site.

If you think telecommuting could make sense for your business or you simply want to expand your job search, check out our lists below of potential benefits of working at home.

Before we dive in, here’s a bit of background on our telework expertise. Bush Business Furniture has installed over 12,000 home offices and provides a cost-effective, comprehensive product and service package for work-at-home programs. Take our successful installation of 800 home offices for American Express Co. in 26 states for example.

Would a work-at-home program make sense for you or your business? Consider the possibilities.


  1. Reduced costs: From real estate to utilities, teleworking can ease the burden on a company’s checkbook.
  2. Less turnover: We know your business is great, but believe it or not, your employees may not actually enjoy coming in to visit you every day. Many of them would be happier – and possibly even more productive – working from home.
  3. Less sick time: When you don’t feel well, just getting to the office is hard work. Working from home won’t seem so bad for your employees – even when they’re a little under the weather.
  4. Increased candidate pool: Good help is hard to find. Open up your options by considering remote work candidates from far and wide.
  5. Help the environment: By keeping your employees at home, you’ll feel good about yourself by doing your part to cut down on greenhouse gases.


  1. Work-life balance: Get the kids on and off the bus, spend time with your family during breaks, and start enjoying your evening or weekend the second you finish your work.
  2. Additional job prospects: Live in a small town or a highly competitive big city? No worries. Work-at-home programs open up your options. Take a job for a business hundreds of miles away without packing your bags.
  3. Less time wasted on the road: Don’t let your fellow motorists ruin your day before you even punch the clock. Make the length of your morning commute from the kitchen to the home office.
  4. Avoid office distractions: Forget about office pop ins, hallway conversations and hearing your coworkers’ phones ring off the hook.
  5. Enjoy the comforts of your own office/home: Your home office. Your bathroom. Your coffeepot. Work isn’t so bad after all.


  • You’re a self-starter
  • You’re resourceful
  • You work well independently
  • You always meet your deadlines … without your boss breathing down your neck
  • You have a dedicated workspace


You might want to determine the feasibility of remote work for your business before you send your employees home and sell all of your office space. Bush Business Furniture has resources to help you put a telecommute plan in place.


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