Case Study: ‘The Best Money I Could’ve Spent’

Building 3Company: Orsinger Investment Group, Inc.

Location: Greenville, Pennsylvania

Furniture Collections: Series C Elite, BBF Conference Tables, 300 Series, BBF Bookcases

Products Ordered: 4 U Shaped Desks, 4 Mobile Pedestals, Lateral File Cabinet, 72 Inch Conference Table, 30 Inch Bookcase, 72 Inch Storage Credenza (20 Pieces Total)

Application: Private Offices and a Common Area

Seller: Staples

Orsinger Investment Group, Inc. needed quality, affordable office furniture in a hurry.

After 6 ½ years of renting space across town, the Greenville, Pennsylvania financial services firm required a new home to better serve a growing customer base. The business purchased and renovated a former passenger train station, but needed spacious desks with storage prior to opening the new location.

“I wanted furniture that looked nice, that looked professional and wouldn’t cost me more than a car, quite frankly,” said Kevin Orsinger, president of Orsinger Investment Group, Inc.

At first, he struggled to find an affordable solution. He contacted an Ohio-based furniture company but couldn’t find common ground.

“They were pushing me toward way more expensive furniture than I wanted even though I told them what my budget was,” Orsinger said. “They came in like $8,000 or $9,000 over budget with the first quote and seemed almost bothered when I said that’s way more than I plan on spending.”

Deciding he needed to take a different path, Orsinger reached out to his contact at Staples, who referred him to a Staples furniture specialist.

“I told her I wanted nicer-looking furniture that wasn’t overly expensive. She immediately said Bush Business Furniture is exactly what you need,” Orsinger recalled. “It couldn’t have been any smoother.”

Finished Desk 3


With renovations nearing completion and the opening date closing in, the company had little time to spare for office furniture planning, purchasing, delivery and installation. Orsinger detailed his needs to Staples staff, who recommended the Series C Elite collection in a rich Mocha Cherry finish for outfitting four private offices.

“We wanted to keep an older feel to the building, but I wanted the furniture to be newer and professional looking,” he said. “I wanted people to look at the building and appreciate the fact that we left it a little historical, and also see the furniture and think, ‘OK, these guys are professional advisors’.”

A BBF Install 360 project manager completed complimentary space plan drawings in 2D and 3D to help him visualize Series C Elite in his new offices. Orsinger decided on U Shaped Desk configurations with Mobile Pedestals to help his busy employees be productive.

“No matter who it is, we always have three or four projects going on at any one time. You’re working on one thing, and waiting for a call back from someone else,” he explained. “You like to have things out and available. That U Shaped Desk gives us plenty of space to do that.”

Orsinger’s purchase also included a BBF Conference Table, Bookcase, Series C Elite Lateral File Cabinet and a 300 Series Storage Credenza for a total of 20 pieces. With personalized space plans for each of the four offices and a common area, he knew all of the furniture would fit where he wanted.

Moving 7


Orsinger placed the order through Staples on January 31, requesting a delivery date of February 13 or 14 – the week after renovations would be complete and the week before the February 21 opening. Staples and Bush Business Furniture scheduled a convenient, full-service Install 360 Professional Installation the morning of February 13 to accommodate the needs of Orsinger Investment Group, Inc.

A team of six professional installers left at 5 a.m. during a snowstorm to arrive on time. The Install 360 Professional Installation team took care to complete the offices in a timely fashion while respecting the building’s new carpet and paint. Installers placed cardboard on the floor in the entryway and wore booties while inside the building to avoid making a mess.

They quickly assembled the offices without a single issue. Installers took care to remove every piece of packaging and thoroughly wiped down all of the furniture – even the insides of the drawers.

Assembly 21

Only one problem arose during the entire operation: the crew’s vacuum broke during cleanup. They purchased a replacement at a nearby store to finish cleaning every last inch of the Orsinger Investment Group building. After just three hours on location, the team had successfully completed the installation.

 “I cannot believe how quickly they got all this put together,” Orsinger said. “I’m sometimes a tough guy to please, but I’m very happy with this. It looks great. I love it.”

As the busy owner of a growing company, he appreciated how easy Bush Business Furniture and Staples made the process from start to finish. The Install 360 Professional Installation, in particular, caught Orsinger’s attention. He said, “It’s the best money I could’ve spent.”

Cleanup 2


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